Why Digital Media is more effective than Traditional Media?

Updated: Jul 28

Traditional media refers to advertising channels that have been used for decades and it requires a large advertising budget while Digital Media encompasses internet-based forms of advertising which offers a higher level of engagement and interaction in limited budget. There are numerous reasons digital media being more effective than traditional media.

1. One significant difference between traditional and digital marketing is attribution – where the lead came from. In digital marketing we have fine-grained accountability of exactly where leads come from. We can also calibrate our message and ads based on that data instantly which is not possible in traditional media.

2. Digital Media is far less expensive but more interactive than traditional media.

3. The cost and reach paradigm for Digital media is phenomenal as it equips organisation at minuscule cost to reach across the globe, whereas traditional media being highly regional as well as costlier affair brings less return and insufficient access.

4. Where digital Media can allow direct communication and interaction between business and consumer which helps build consumer trust and nurture relationships with customers while traditional media has indirect approach.

5. In Digital platform, internet allows easy access to an almost infinite amount of information at any time and any place. Internet has become one of the most used tool has grown exponentially Everything is faster and much more accessible now which is not in case of traditional media.