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Why Digital Media is more effective than Traditional Media?

Updated: Nov 5, 2022

Traditional media refers to advertising channels that have been used for decades and it requires a large advertising budget while Digital Media encompasses internet-based forms of advertising which offers a higher level of engagement and interaction in limited budget. Universal Aspire, as a best digital marketing company in delhi feel that there are numerous reasons digital media being more effective than traditional media.

1. One significant difference between traditional and digital marketing is attribution – where the lead came from. In digital marketing we have fine-grained accountability of exactly where leads come from. We can also calibrate our message and ads based on that data instantly which is not possible in traditional media.

2. Digital Media is far less expensive but more interactive than traditional media.

3. The cost and reach paradigm for Digital media is phenomenal as it equips organisation at minuscule cost to reach across the globe, whereas traditional media being highly regional as well as costlier affair brings less return and insufficient access.

4. Where digital Media can allow direct communication and interaction between business and consumer which helps build consumer trust and nurture relationships with customers while traditional media has indirect approach.

5. In Digital platform, internet allows easy access to an almost infinite amount of information at any time and any place. Internet has become one of the most used tool has grown exponentially Everything is faster and much more accessible now which is not in case of traditional media.

6. Digital marketing strategy is likely to bring more conversions and is easily measurable than any of the traditional methods.

7. If we talk in terms of accessibility, online media is highly data driven where we can access exact how many eyeballs saw the banner ad or how many people visited the webpage. An added bonus of digital media is the accuracy of its results. Unlike with traditional media, online media allows to comb over results that show exact number of people saw the ad, how long they viewed the ad for, and whether it led to a click-through or not.

8. Unlike traditional media, the results received from digital media are often in real-time. That allows to make instant changes to the creative in order to achieve maximum effectiveness. It also gives digital media a leg up over traditional, where it often takes time to see the results of a campaign.

9. Truly effective digital media has the potential to go viral. The content could be shared with millions of people, boosting both the credibility and the image.

10. In today’s world, consumers simply interact more with new media than traditional media. People tend to spend an ever-increasing amount of time engaging with their cell phone, and less and less time watching TV or listening to the radio.

11.Digital Media is a pervasive form of inbound marketing where business interact with individuals who sought them out while traditional media is in essence is outbound marketing which once was cornerstone of effective communication strategy mix is slowly losing its sheen. Inbound marketing, therefore, brings forth more customers with higher level of willingness and participation than outbound Marketing.

12.Compared to traditional media, digital media offers a wide spectrum of flexibility, accessibility and cost efficiency and at the same time offers a quicker way to rectify a mistake with quicker redressal option at hand. In contrast, Traditional media do not provide such advantages, as any message carried in newspapers and televisions once published or displayed tend to be final and have a more lasting effect on people psyche and cannot be changed immediately.

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