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Lock Down - "A depression or an opportunity ?"

Updated: Jul 17, 2021


As we all know that in present health conditions & expected economical crisis has upended business & its strategies almost in every industry & to navigate through today’s unique situation & tomorrow’s new economy;

What is our contribution?

I think we are more into an existential dilemma where focus is more on to problem than situation. Problem has benefits of being solvable whereas Situation is something that needs to be manageable

Mental stress, frustration, lack of focus, sleeping problem, conflicts in between the relationship, increased level of domestic violence due to this lockdown etc shows our existential dilemma where instead of manage the things we are even ready to compromise our personal relationships.

Here we need to understand the fact that the first step of any professional commitment always starts from our personal life/relationships or even we can say that our personal relationships has a power influence on any of our professional commitments so this is the time when we need to recognize the importance of Relationships.

Since, “Situation is something that needs to be manageable” & we can’t run away from these. At this period of time we need to set our priorities, because Depression & Opportunity both are a coin side & completely depends on our mind frame where depression has a very strong influence over Unproductivity & at the same time a Productive resource create an Opportunity;

ð An opportunity to make a strong & healthy relationship.

ð An opportunity to strategies themselves as a strong professional.

Eventually choice is all ours, whether we wants to be a Depressed one or wants to grab an Opportunity in every possible way.

So maintaining a balance in between personal & professional commitments can be one of the key factors in Our Success not only in this current situations but it’s a evergreen formula & this has been proven even in the research done by the researchers of;

Harvard University where they conducted a longitudinal study on their alumni’s health trajectories and their broader lives, including their triumphs and failures in careers and marriages & the finding says that our relations and how happy we are in our relationships has a powerful influence not only on our health & but on success as well. The study also revealed that close & happy relationships more than money & fame are what keep people happy throughout their lives.

So for me, lockdown has given an Opportunity. An opportunity to create & live in close & happy relationships & to identify & increase my productivity level including no of productive hours as per the time chart which I follow. Since time chart is one of the key indicator which measures & indicates the no of productive hours in a day so now it completely depend upon us whether we want to keep this chart on standby or should work more aggressively on that to contribute something for the tomorrow’s new economy.

Perhaps we should utilize this period for the self assessment & should take an effort to increase the level of productivity to achieve the desired success both at personal & professional end.

Universal Aspire always supported our business partner for the smooth functioning in terms of Recruitment, Payroll Processing, Regular checks on Competency & its Mapping, modification in KRA during the entire lockdown

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