Digital Landscape in five years

Many advances in technology change our way of living and working. These new technologies force us to replenish our priorities, whether in the areas of robotics, automation or artificial intelligence. Many scientists predict that AI and robots will have transformed the world as we know in five years' time.

The digital world is evolving quickly. The world is getting increasingly connected and digital with the growth of mobile devices. In this digital era, many consumers are increasingly making all of their purchases on their cell phones.

Although the technology is so extensively on the market that even grownups may sleep for just 2 hours a night, it appears most people don't know how rapidly technology changes our life. This may be because most grownups still become accustomed to this new technology and don't know what to do with it.

How Digital Technology Impacts Society

Digital technology has different effects on society. It has made communicating, accessing information and learning about new topics simpler for people. The way we work and create art has also evolved. There are numerous advantages already apparent in this evolution, but there are also certain disadvantages.

Digital technology may be split into two categories, the first being omnipresent digital communication tools. These include social networking platforms, email services, websites such as YouTube and Sound Cloud for sharing online material, etc. The second category is digital content production, which has grown extremely popular amongst consumers worldwide.